Keep your fingers on the keyboard!

Keep your fingers on the Keyboard

For some of us that date back to the era of “before the mouse”, and I do not mean Mickey, we learned how to enter data and navigate screens with keys on the keyboard.  Today we often refer to some of these keystrokes as shortcut keys.  Sage 300 ERP has a number of these shortcuts built into the product.  We all know that F1 will bring up help because most windows programs use F1 for the help key.  Here are some of the other Function keys that could be helpful:

  • F4 –  When you are sitting in a date field this will open a pop up calendar
  • F5 – The use of this key will likely save you the most time of all shortcuts.  When you are on a field with a finder(magnifying glass symbol) F5 will bring up the search screen.  This is much quicker than moving you hand off the keyboard, finding the mouse and moving the cursor to the field you are on and then right clicking.
  • F7 – using this key is the equivalent of clicking on the “go button”.  This button is used to refresh the screen or populate a grid of data.
  • F9 – This key will pop up a detail screen for any field that has a zoom button(single triangle) to display more data.  For example the vendor number field on the invoice entry screen will pop up a screen showing full vendor name and address.  The F9 key will also display a window screen for data input on most detail entry grids, like the detail line information in order entry.

In addition to the Function keys most buttons in Sage 300 ERP have an Alt shortcut.  On most screens you have an Add and a Close button.  The Alt shortcut letter will be the letter on the button that is underlined.  The Add has the A underlined so holding down the Alt key and pressing A is the equivalent of reaching for the mouse, moving the cursor and clicking the Add button.  Similarly Alt and C will close the screen.

A few other keys to note would be the “+” which can be used to pop up an on screen calculator in any amount or quantity field. You can then do your calculation and paste it back to the field.  When you are in a finder grid the “home” key will take you to the top row and the “end” key will take you to the last row.

One thing that is not a “shortcut” but just a tip that may save you some time is when using finders.  If you click on F5 or still use a mouse in a blank finder file you will go to the top of the finder list.  If you key some data into the field before you press F5 you will open the finder to that spot in the list.  So if you know the vendor number starts with DA, enter that before you press the F5 key and the finder will open with the first vendor starting with DA.  this will be much faster to finding the vendor than starting at vendor 1.