Orchid Systems for Business

OrchidThe 2011 and 2012 winner of Sage’s Gold Development Partner of the Year, Orchid Systems offers 5 fully integrated products for Sage 300 ERP which includes:

  • Inter Entity Transactions (Single and Multiple Company) and Inter Entity TRADE
  • Information Manager Suite
  • Process Scheduler
  • EFT Processing and
  • Bin Tracking

Inter Entity Transactions
Inter Entity Transactions streamlines data entry by saving time and reducing errors for journal entries that span multiple entities within one Sage 300 ERP database or across multiple companies. Inter Entity Transactions automatically generates Due To and Due From balancing entries within each GL segment to easily handle bank transfers or intercompany loan transactions between multiple entities whether they be branches, divisions, funds or companies.

Inter Entity TRADE
Inter Entity TRADE is a module that automates the generation of transactions between Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable and also Order Entry and Purchase Orders for organizations that buy and sell between related companies. AR Invoices can create AP Invoices (and vice versa) and OE Orders, Shipments and Invoices can create PO Orders, Receipts and Invoices or vice versa.

Information Manager Suite
Information Manager is designed to allow Sage 300 ERP users to store multiple budget, operational and non-financial data within the Sage 300 ERP database. All of the Sage 300 ERP Views are accessible from within an Excel spreadsheet to create powerful budgets and forecasts at a sub-ledger level, operational reports and links to documents or pictures with Sage 300 ERP data. All of this data can be published to Info Explorer OLAP data cubes for multi-dimensional analysis.

Other features include Notes that allow users to store information at a field level, Report Runner to automate the generation and distribution of Crystal Reports and FR Financial Statements and Data Views which flatten Optional Fields to improve performance of queries and eliminate the need for sub-reports.

Info Explorer is a Business Intelligence tool that combines Sage 300 ERP or non Sage 300 ERP data for powerful reporting and drill-down capability. Users can define their own formatting and filtering for reports, drill down from the data cubes directly back to Sage 300 ERP transaction screens, add colors to number ranges for a “Stop Light” view of data and create customized dashboards to quickly identify important trends with key performance indicators.

Process Scheduler
Process Scheduler allows Sage 300 ERP customers to run administrative processes during off-peak business hours to avoid disrupting day-to-day transaction processing. Any Sage 300 ERP customer who wants to check the Integrity of their data, schedule their DBDUMPS and DBLOADS, Day End, posting of batches in GL, AR, AP, IC and PJC, running a VBA Macro or program during off-peak business hours can use the Process Scheduler utility. Email notifications can be sent when errors occur or when the process is completed to alert for any conditions that need follow up.

EFT Processing for Accounts Payable and Receivable
This solution is designed for Sage 300 ERP customers who want to streamline the payment and collection process in their business and tighten control over bank transfers by sending electronic files to their bank instead of mailing and receiving paper-based checks. Remittance Advices and Direct Debit notices can be emailed to Vendors and Customers respectively.

Bin Tracking
Bin Tracking allows the same Inventory Items to be tracked within 1 or more Bins within an IC Location to improve identification and control over inventory stock. Lots and Serial Numbers can also be tracked within a Bin. Predefined Pick and Put Away procedures can be set up to streamline inventory stock handling.