TaiRox Productivity Tools extend the functionality of Sage 300 ERP integrating seamlessly with the desktop, activation and security features of Sage 300 ERP.

Financial Management & Generic Tools

Extended G/L Accounts
  • Add or modify charts of accounts across multiple companies
Extended Customers
  • Maintain multiple contacts per customer
  • Maintain customers across multiple companies
Extended Vendors
  • Maintain multiple contacts per vendor
  • Maintain vendors across multiple companies
Extended Fiscal Calendar
  • Maintain and lock fiscal calendars across multiple companies
User Management
  • Copy permissions and setup from one user to another
Sync Timecards
  • Synchronize timecard data with updated master table entries
Mail Merge
  • Perform mail-merge operations with calculated fields, without export
Set Recurring Dates
  • Reset incorrectly entered last-run-dates


Operations Management Tools

Extended Order Entry
  • Create requisitions or purchase orders with preview ability
  • While viewing history, select line details from previous orders
Extended PO Entry
  • See item quantity information just like on the order entry screen
  • While viewing history, select line details from previous POs
Stock Reorder
  • Create spreadsheets, POs or requisitions from item quantity data
Fix Item Valuation Errors
  • Repair item valuation errors in your data
Complete Orders
  • Automate the completion of old orders
Complete Purchase Orders 
  • Automate the completion of old purchase orders
Complete Zero Receipts
  • Automate the completion of PO receipts with zero cost
Delete Quotes
  • Automate the deletion of old quotes
Update Orders
  • Change hundreds of quotes or orders with one click when kits, BOMs or item-expected-ship-dates change