Tracking Time

We have all heard “Time is precious” and “there are not enough hours in a day” as we continue to try and cram in as much activity as we can in a day.  For people in Payroll time has a whole different meaning.  Their job revolves around the concept of time tracking or commonly referred to as Time and Attendance.  A company requires various processes to manage their employee’s time and often the payroll staff spend a lot of time chasing people for paperwork. There is no timesheet this week for Joe.   You call and discover he has been away since last week but there is no vacation or leave approval on file.  Was it unpaid leave?  Is he away for work?  After spending time to get an answer you discover that the forms were filled out and approved but never made it out of the supervisor’s office.  Why?  Even though the supervisor approved the vacation she was not sure Joe had enough vacation left because she was behind in updating her attendance files.  Not a huge amount of time this once but multiply that by 100 staff it adds up to a lot of time.  What message does it send to Joe that the company is not sure what his vacation balance is?  What if there was a better way?

With Time and attendance software all of this information can be in one place. With a browser based interface the information can be accessed by all staff based on their security.  Joe could ask for his time off in the system and will see his balances right on the screen.  The supervisor will receive the request and be able to approve it or not based on seeing the leave balances right on the screen.  Once approved Joe will receive his approval and his schedule and time sheet is automatically updated.  Payroll will see the same information.  On the regular payroll schedule the supervisors approve their staff time and when all approvals are in place the payroll staff will transfer the time to payroll without any additional data entry.  Most time and attendance software offer different data capture methods including web timesheets, biometric time clocks, web time clocks and telephony.

If you feel tracking your employee‘s time can be handled better we can review your process and recommend a system that will interface with Sage 300 payroll or Sage HRMS or a third party payroll sytem you prefer.